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InterBase specializes in providing second-generation Internet solutions to B2B, B2C and P2P customers for worldwide interoperability. The various services offered by InterBase for Web Services are :

  • Native Support for building SOAP (Simple Object Access Protocol) Connectors
  • Manipulating repositories, designing workflow and registries using UDDI (Universal Discovery, Description and Integration)
  • Generating service descriptions using WSDL (Web Service Definition Language) and WSCL (Web Service Conversion Language)
  • Binding XML data to application objects as well as facilitating transformational mapping

InterBase has partnered with various market leaders for Web Service development life cycle on the .NET and J2EE platforms. Our areas of expertise includes

  • Application Integration Web Service
  • Business Integration Web Service
  • Commercial Web Service
InterBase grapple with the development of new applications mandated by changing business needs. InterBase focuses on key technologies and products for providing Web services by
  • Creating new Web Services, Transforming existing applications into WebServices and composing Web Services from other applications
  • Publication of Service Interface, Service implementation definition to Service requestor/Registry and deployment of executables for Web Service
  • Making Web Service available for invocation
  • Manage - Administration of Web Service application

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